Thursday, July 2, 2009

Do Your Dance

Dancing has become one of the newest fitness crazes. It is not only fun but, it can also help you achieve your fitness goals. Dancing is low impact and also greatly strengthens the bones. It can also help fight against arthroarthritis and learning the various moves and steps can boost memory skills. Most health clubs and dance studios now offer dance programs of various ethnic styles for you to explore. They include:

1. Salsa- a dance full of intricate footwork and hip swaying. Its music combines traditional African, Cuban and Latin American beats. Salsa is considered one of the best calorie burning dances to learn.

2. Steppin’—a two-step dance that originated in Chicago and has become increasingly popular. Various nightclubs throw “steppers’ sets”, where people compete for title of ‘The Best Stepper’. Steppin’ also includes coming fashionably dressed. Andre Blackwell, one of the world’s best steppers says, “To be a good stepper, you gotta have patience. And when you go out to step, you gotta dress.” In addition, it has great weight loss benefits and is a good way to make new friends.

3. Belly dancing—one of the oldest forms of dance, known for its sensual movements. It can boost your confidence while slimming that midsection. Belly dancing can get rid of those love handles and tone other areas such as your arms, butt, calves, back and chest.

If you are becoming bored with your current workout routine or are looking for something to get you motivated enough to get back in the gym, try a dance class and dance your way to the body you have always wanted.

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