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How to Get Rid of Acne through Detox

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by Emily from TheClearSkinTruth.com

Have you tried different acne cleansing products or rumored acne solutions that claim its what you needed? Tried it and only got partial results, if you got any at all? Well, I'm here to break it down and give it to you straight to let you know what's the deal with some of the acne cleansing programs and why they don't always work.

Don't get me wrong, there are definitely good detox programs available, especially those that work well for acne and cystic bumps. I'm going to tell you what to look for and what you need to do. So let's get started.

Simply said, most of the programs you find in the store are not all inclusive. They actually only cleanse one part of the body, the colon. Quick rehash: If you've read my previous post, then you know our bodies accumulate waste in a few different areas. I talked about the liver, how it functions and its importance. I talked about the kidneys how it cleanses the blood. Another area where waste and toxins can accumulate is the lymph nodes.

Cystic acne is often a result of this over clogging of the systems. Much of it sits around the organs collecting and rotting. High fructose syrup is a main culprit in not only causing organ clogging but scarring of the liver as well. It can induce diabetes, hypertension, obesity and more. It is a highly refined sugar that goes straight to the liver. Regular sugar or glucose takes a bit more time before reaching the liver and is not processed that way in the body as fructose is. Glucose can be stored as energy later. Raw sugar is a much better choice but still be sure to limit use of.

Most of the preservatives/chemicals/additives in store packaged food is difficult to dislodge from the organs once it has been stored in the body for so long. This can happen to more than one system or organ in your body. Much of the problem is found in the colon and intestinal walls. But it is not the place to end your cleansing program, it is actually the place to start. Most often, what causes the waste to reach your skin to be pushed out in the first place is a result of two or several system malfunctions in your body.

It is only when two or more filters are extremely clogged internally that you will see a type of cystic acne begin to develop in the skin. It is an accumulation and toxic build up in more than one area. These toxins can often leech into the blood as well causing further illness. That being said treating one organ will hardly give you the cleansing or acne results you seek, especially if you are a person that lived on a poor diet for years.

What is One to Do
What have you tried? I have tried colonics. Some people swear by it, but for me it was an uncomfortable experience that I would not repeat. I was rather disappointed with my results as an independent treatment. Just so you know, colonics only treats and irrigates the Large intestine. If you have already tried oral cleanses, this may not be for you. The doctor performing the treatment even told me that my colon appeared very clear. So nothing came out basically. Thru my journey what I had later learned was that it was my small intestine that needed help. Lots of that icky stuff will hide in their and is harder to dislodge. The only way to clean out the small intestine is thru oral methods. What you must do is clean work towards a total body cleanse. The best and most effective way to start is the colon. Look for a colon cleanser that has herbs such as: uva ursi leaf, marshmallow root, rhubarb root works great, slippery elm, fennel seed, and fruit pectin apple or grapefruit pectin or a combo of both is a good mix.

It is only when you hit your body with a combo cleanse is when you will begin to see results and feel them as well. Start with your colon and work on the liver, kidney, and lymph nodes. Here it goes. Herbs work great to dislodge mucoid plaque and other plastered on waste that is sticking to your colon and not being eliminated. Find a good herb combo that will do this as the ones mentioned above. Next you will need a liquid fiber bulking agent to push out all that has been dislodged by the herbs. The mistake most people make when undertaking this is they do not drink enough WATER. Distilled or filtered is best. You must drink 10-12 glasses or at least 1 gallon per day to help your body push this process along. Also you MUST have a healthy diet. NO junk during this time at least for the days you are on the cleanse. You will find some programs that last for 30 days, but a 60-90 day colon program is ideal. Exercise by jog around the park for 30 minutes daily, stretch and do jumping jacks, jump on a trampoline (rebounding) or pop in your favorite cd, crank that bad boy and just dance! Here are a couple of cleansing systems to look at:
Master Cleanse
Total Wellness Cleanse

Finish your colon cleanse then begin on the liver. Once you move on to the kidney and liver cleanses you will want to start cutting back on your food intake for a few days. You will need to do a type of fast. Start slowing down your meals a few days before you start the liver cleanse. You will want to limit exercise and avoid strenuous work. Eat only raw and cooked vegetables. Eat plenty of fruit. Eat soup and fish. Stay away from heavy meats during this time.

As with the colon, for you to see major results you will need to follow a program to cleanse for at least 60days. Here are some fantastic liver cleansing herbs. These can be taken in pill or tea form. Sarsaparilla Root, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Clove Bud Root, Licorice Root, Ginger Root, Cinnamon Bark, and Artichoke Leaf. A great liver cleansing tool is to finish up with a coffee enema. This actually does wonders for the liver as the coffee is not absorbed into the normal avenues as with ingestion thru the stomach. The organs such as the liver absorbs the caffeine and it kicks your liver into high gear. This will make your liver cleanse more effective.

On to the kidneys. Here is a recipe you can make at home. Parsley tea is fantastic for cleansing the liver. All you need is 2-3 bunches of parsley. Boil water and parsley. Strain parsley. Allow tea to cool. Drink about 1/4 cup of the tea. Do not drink too much in one sitting. It can irritate the stomach or cause lots of bloating. Save the remaining and refrigerate. Boil everyday before drinking. Drink 1/4 cup daily. Watermelon seed tea and celery seed are also great and effective kidney cleansing teas.

So, start with the colon cleanse and make sure to take multi vitamins to replenish what you lose. For second round do a liver and kidney cleanse. You will begin to feel your vitality return, a natural energy boost, as well as a strong sense of better wellness. If you follow through with all three areas I know you will begin to have optimal health and feel the best you have probably felt in years as I did! Happy detoxing!


  1. Excellent article Candice! I'm mos def going to do a total body cleanse very soon because I have terrible eating habits. I want to revamp my diet and rebuild my health/body as I'm sure it will aid me in recovering my car accident injuries. Thanks for posting this information.

  2. Great article! I love your blog!


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