Friday, July 23, 2010

The Skinny on Colonics

Colonics, also known as colon hydrotherapy or colon irrigation,  have become increasingly popular within the past few years.  Although, I have not had one yet I know many people who have and their experiences with it have only peaked my interest even more.

Basically, it is a procedure in which filtered water is pumped through a hose inserted into the rectum.  This water flows through the colon and forces the colon to undergo a process called peristalsis. This process pushes wastes out of the colon and into a closed, waste disposal system.  (Not the most comfortable experience I'm sure!)

The large intestine or colon are cleansed of toxins and other wastes that can accumulate over the years due to unhealthy diets and poor digestion.  Most people can experience tremendous benefits after their body is rid of this excess waste.  Some of friends of mine swear by it in helping them acheive clear skin.  Other reported benefits are:

-Relief from constipation
-Better digestion
-Increased energy 
-Weight loss
-Increased mental capabilities
-Elimination of food cravings

I intend to get a colonic within the next few months because  I would definitely love clearer skin and freedom from these sugar cravings of mine.

Have you had a colonic? If not, would you consider it?


  1. I dont think that I would do it. why not just use a laxative or some type of detox?

  2. My older sister and a friend of mine both had colonics and they said that it helped them to lose weight and feel more energetic. I want to get one but the colon hydrotherapist I met with told me I'm severely iron deficient. I'd have to rectify that before I'm eligible for the procedure. I mos def plan to get a colonic though and I'm thinking I may get them seasonally or bi-seasonally.

  3. I had one. I'd do it again. I'd actually like to start doing them quarterly.

  4. fefe/finehairsistaJuly 24, 2010 at 7:07 AM

    I would like to start doing them, but i'm a little afraid. I need to do some more research :o)

  5. Alana, a laxative is more for helping you to "go" rather than cleaning you out. If that makes sense.


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