Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Your Family's Health Info.-- There's an App for That!

Keeping track of everyone's health information in a family can be enough to drive anyone crazy! Who's allergic to what, doctor's appointments, medication schedules...the list goes on and on.  Now there is a way to keep track of you and your family's health information with an app. Capzule PHR, made for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch offers you the ability to edit and input health information on your device or from a PC.

I had the opportunity to personally use the Capzule PHR app. and I was amazed at how much data it could store--so convenient!

This neat, little app helps you to keep track of important info. such as:

- general data such as allergies and conditions

- immunizations/vaccinations and histories

- medications

- a place to record vitals, lab results, or personal health statistics such as blood sugar with a graph view to help better visualize the data

- a place to type in notes from doctor visits, or save documents that

were scanned into your computer such as test results, letters, or medical bills

- a place to enter appointment dates and times
 (no more missed doctor's appointments!)

Capzule PHR allows you to save up to 30 family members' info. You can enter doctors' names and numbers into the app for easy look up, and you can even connect to your computer to add data, or create a backup. Since Capzule PHR is local to the iDevice it is installed on and allows users to create a password, the information is secure. Additionally, users may choose to email a summary of the data to their health care provider. 

I have issues with my blood sugar so I will be using the timeline feature to help me keep track of it throughout the day.

I would definitely recommend this app. to anyone who needs help keeping up with personal and family health records.  It's available on iTunes and you can even download for free to try it out before purchasing. Check it out!

* I was asked to do a review of this app. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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