Sunday, December 12, 2010

Killer Abs Routine

I'm on a mission to acheive very toned abs by the time summer rolls around. I know it has been difficult for me (and most likely for many of you too!)  to even think about working out now that the weather is rather brisk but, once summer gets here and I'm rocking that two-piece, I know that I will be glad I exercised throughout the winter! 

I just started incorporating the Jeanette Jenkins Blast the Belly Fat ab workout to my exercise routine. I like to change it up from time to time so that my muscles won't get used to doing the same thing. Her ab workouts are the truth! Check it out:

My current excercise routine:

MWF: I run one and half miles early in the morning then I come back home and do some squats and lunges with weights and pushups.
Tues: P90X yoga or P90X Plyometrics or Insanity workout
Sat.: my rest day
Sun.: I run one and a half miles and do the Jeanette Jenkins ab workout

Note: I'm trying to gain some toned mass and not lose weight so I do not do a whole lot of cardio.

I'm also going to post before and after pics of my abs soon to document my progress until summer so stay tuned!

What types of exercises are you doing throughout the winter?

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