Sunday, April 21, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Trusting the Process

Hey ladies (and gents )! Been m.i.a for a minute, dealing with life's curveballs. I know that I'm supposed to act like things will be okay and see the bright light and rainbows at the end of it all but, can I just keep it real for a minute?  I'm in a really weird place in my life right now and it's been so unbelievably stressful! There is so much going on that is just up in the air and I really have no clue what is going to take place. I am a planner by nature so I don't do "up in the air" real well but, I know that my character and faith is being tested so I will just have to do what I can and hold on.  I'm battling fear and anxiety each day now because it really paralyzes me.  I know that I'm not functioning at my full potential some days because I am just so overwhelmed by what might or might not happen.  I'm just ready to get some real peace.  In my mind know that I've been here before (or somewhere similar) so, I keep reminding myself that it worked out back then and it will now.

(*end of vent*)

A few days ago, I read these words that the beautiful natural hair vlogger, Taren Guy, posted on Instagram. Truly on time for me. It is a reminder to me to stay calm despite of my circumstances. I hope it can inspire someone else.... 

"Always remember that you are where you're supposed to be... Sometimes it feels like your life just doesn't make any sense, or the struggles continue to pile up... But circumstances do not have emotions attached to them... No experience is deemed bad or good... You assign those emotions which make up your life experiences... In hind sight we see that things usually ended up working out... We see that divine timing is real... So use your past as a reference for the future when you start to doubt that everything's going to be OK... Take a minute to let go and really mean it when you do.. We don't need to earn what we already deserve which is the right to our destiny... Trust the process and let go."

She later posted a video about this same quote on Youtube.  Check it out!

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