Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Love, Less Hate #PrayforFerguson

With everything going on in the world, let's try really hard to remember that it's okay to be angry but never hateful.  


This weekend was one of the most trying times for me personally and seeing what is going on in Ferguson and around the world even further breaks my heart. I'm still battling this dreadful flu (all by my lonesome) but, I was impressed to say a little something about hate, revenge, hurt....all of those emotions that we deal with from time to time that can prove volatile if not controlled.

Lord knows I have felt betrayed and straight up done wrong in my life! I have literally wanted to throw a few red bricks threw some windows but, I'm so glad I refrained.

It's easy to want to seek revenge against those who we feel have wronged us but, we have to remember that God always has the final say even when we don't see how things will work out for our good. 

"I've had troubles and disappointments
There are times I felt so alone 
Some of my friends they let me down 
But I still believe it's turning around for me"
-"Turning Around" by Vashawn Mitchell


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