Thursday, November 13, 2014

Practicing Mental Hygiene

It's a gray, cold day here in the ATL and I'm at home deep conditioning my hair for a (hopefully) cute, coil out.  Usually while I'm doing my hair, I will get caught up on my latest Youtube subscriptions or listen to some music.  This morning, I came across HeyFranHey's video and the title caught my attention right away.

In a day and age where we tend to pay a lot of attention to how we look physically and how well we are doing financially, we often forget to think about how our mental state is connected to our overall well-beings. When someone famous commits suicide or dies from an overdose, then we talk about all of the why's and how's for a few weeks.  After which it's back to focusing on Instagram pictures and what size our waist is.

In this video, HeyFranHey talks about how vital it is to pay as much attention to your mental/emotional health as you do to everything else. It could even be argued that this deserves priority over everything else.

As someone who has dealt with depression and toxic thoughts/emotions, I know firsthand how battling thoughts of worthlessness, suicide and just flat-out hoplessness can (and will) affect every other part of your life.  While I go to the gym a few times a week, work on my yoga techniques, try to reach healthy hair goals, work on my professional life, and make sure I go my bi-weekly facials, I know that it is a must that I take time out to examine and nurture my thoughts and emotions. Lord knows they get really out of control sometimes and I feel like giving up and running away!

Without  peace of mind, balance, emotional healing and positive thinking I will not be able to be the successful, well-rounded individual I am striving to be.

What do you do to practice mental hygiene?  

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