Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nature's Multi-purpose Oil

Extra virgin olive oil has become my must-have everyday product. It is chock full of antioxidants and vitamin E, giving it many health benefits. This oil has countless healing properties and are especially useful for the skin, hair and in cooking. It has also been thought to prevent colon cancer when used regularly.

Extra virgin olive oil is a great moisturizing cleanser for the skin. I use it regularly and I love how hydrated and soft it leaves my skin. This oil is also a great conditioning moisturizer for the hair. I add it to my conditioners and apply it to the ends of my hair to keep it healthy. It works wonders and nothing else gives my hair better shine or conditioning!

Olive oil is also great for cooking uses because it is very well tolerated by the stomach and has been proven to prevent the formation of gallstones. It also helps to prevent the stomach from getting ulcers and gastritis. Try using this multi-purpose oil. Your heart, stomach, hair and skin will thank you!


  1. I love EVOO. It's absolutely amazing. Use it in my body scrubs, hair, food. Haven't tried the EVOO face wash yet since I already have oily skin. Thanks for the reminder and not making me feel so stupid for have a bathroom that looks like a kitchen...LOL

  2. Yes, I love it too:-) I have oily skin too so I was skeptical about using it on my face but, it really leaves my skin soft with just the right amount of moisture....not oily at all.

  3. You've tried the oil face wash? and it worked for you? You have to blog about that...or email me. I may try and pray afterwards.


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