Monday, April 27, 2009

Finding Inner Peace

As women in today's world we wear so many hats; mother, mate, daughter, friend, careerwoman and student just to name a few. The notion of being a superwoman is so common now that we do not recognize the importance of slowing down and saying "Time out!" every now and then. We often believe that if we take a moment for ourselves that the world will somehow stop, and of course, this is not the case. Not taking time to find inner peace can prove to cause more harm than good in the long run. We can become stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out. This can lead to physical problems such as anxiety attacks, weight gain and high blood pressure; causing our ability to fulfill the many roles we have to play almost impossible.

Starting today, think of different things you can do everyday to help you acheive inner peace. Whether it is a weekly pedicure or facial, yoga every morning, meditation and prayer everyday or writing every night, make sure it is something that takes your mind off of your hectic shedule and will help you feel refocused. Also, recognize that sometimes it is okay to ask for help or comfort. No one said you had to do it all alone. Putting down your superwoman cape from time to time can help you to gain newfound energy and continue to reach all of your goals at your full potential.

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