Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SHE-- written by me!

She is neglected, mistreated, ignored
And often blatantly disrespected
He says,"You are the object of my affection."
But, his wandering eyes tell a different story

Long walks, kind words, tender kisses, simple attention
She yearns for but rarely gets
He chooses to give them to another
And often many others

God looks down, shakes His head sadly and says,
"This was not how it was supposed to be,
Don't you know you were perfectly fashioned by the almighty He?
You were made to be prized and cherished,

Your face, its beauty to be admired
Not bruised and battered
Or stained from tears cried, now dried

Your body to be kissed softly, touched gently in love
Not used in lust and then discarded
A mere receptacle for his carnal pleasure

Your mind to be filled with inspiration
Words of encouragement instead of degredation
You are priceless, your worth is more than rubies
You were created in love and deserve to be loved
Truly and unconditionally."

So, slowly she walks away from tainted love
Self-serving, constantly hurting love
That desperate and dangerous love
Now she sees....this can't be love
What else does she see?
That she is you. She is me.

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