Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Four Essentials to being a Beautiful Woman

I decided to write a post sharing some information that was recently revealed to me on the four basic things you need to be a beautiful woman. The first three most people already know about but, the fourth one is what I want you to pay special attention to.

1. Exercise--I know that you have probably heard this a thousand times but, exercise is extremely important. It not helps to prevent various diseases and ailments but, regular exercise also gives you energy and confidence, boosts your memory skills and,best of all, your body will look great!

2. Diet-- The foods you eat provide your body and organs with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it needs to run efficiently everyday. If you do not fuel your body with healthy, nutritious foods it will show and your body has a way of letting you know. Fatigue, indigestion, mood swings, heartburn, excessive weight gain and diseases are all signs that you may need to clean up your diet.

3. Stress management-- Stress is something that we will all encounter at some point in our lives. However, how we choose to deal with it is very critical to our health. If left to run rampant in our lives, stress can cause serious health problems, diseases and even death over time. I've learned to do my best and leave the rest to God!

4. "Never let a man rob you of your beauty"-- The ladies reading this are probably saying,"What does that mean?" and the men reading this are thinking, "Here we go with another male-bashing, independent woman word of advice!!" What this means is that you should not allow various men to come into your life who you know will not add anything positive to your physical and emotional well-being.

Some of us in our teens, twenties and even thirties, get in and out of relationships and lie down so easily and freely with men who are not deserving of our bodies, thinking that we are just having fun because we are young. What we do not realize is that over time, our spirit becomes depleted because we have given a piece of it away to every man who has come into our lives and it begins to manifest in our outward appearance. You will physically look aged, tired and spent because you have allowed so many undeserving men to take your most intimate, precious parts. Take your body and spirit's worth more seriously enough to save sex for a man who really loves,respects and cherishes your body, mind and spirit.

Keep these four essentials in mind everyday and work towards following each one so that you can be the beautiful woman inside and out that you were created to be.

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