Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mr. Right really wasnt' all that right.....Now what?

So, you realize that the guy you thought really was "the One", really isn't nor does he want to be. You are heartbroken, can't sleep, can't eat and to make matters worse seems as if he is taking it all in stride while you are distraught. I speak from experience when I say it gets better in time. If you two are meant to be together, fate will bring him back. If not, you have learned what to look for in the next relationsip. Until then, you are going through numerous emotions. You are sad, depressed, angry and just plain hurt! Have your moment. Cry it out, talk to friends who will listen and uplift you during this hard time and have your moments alone if you need to.

I turn to music to help me during these moments. After recently coming out of some very hurtful situations (the end of a tumultuous marriage, falling in love with someone I thought was an answer to my prayer, only to find out he really wasn't and the end of a few friendships) I have been using music to help me, along with my faith in God. Music speaks to my heart in a major way and one of the songs that has gotten me through the hurt, pain and loneliness of a relationship ending is "I'm Okay" by Chrisette Michele. The lyrics say:

Time don’t stop and wait for pain
Pain does fade away in time
Guess it all was just a game
When you gave your heart and I gave mine

I’m okay, I’m just fine
We fade away, hardly crossed my mind
I’m okay, my memories
They comfort me
Thoughts of what we used to be

I’m okay, I’m just fine
You fade away hardly crossed my mind
I’m okay, my memories
They comfort me
Thoughts of what this used to be

And it really hurts when I breath
I cant feel it till I take a breath (take a breath)
Am I holding on to these false memories
Cause that’s all, all that I’ve got left

I’m okay, I’m just fine
We find away to hardly cross my mind
I’m okay, my memories
They comfort me, the thoughts of what we use to be

I’m okay, I’m fine
We fade away, hardly cross my mind
I’m okay my memories they comfort me

Thoughts of what this used to be....

Know that it gets better with time and there is something better waiting for you when you heal.


  1. deep, very deep. But you are so right, It does get better in time. Your positive spirit will inspire some other woman out there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks Prudence! I hope it will inspire others also. I'm still dealing with issues but, writing helps me:-)

  3. You must be reading my mind! I'm going through something similar. And you are so right, it does get better with time..... Music and writing (in a journal) always helps me get through. Right now my anthem is Chrisette's "Be Okay" from her first album. It really helps!

  4. Ditto! I'm Okay is my theme song right now also! I was also listening to Joss Stone's "Bruised But Not Broken" that is another song to help you get over heart break!


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