Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am starting to realize that it is so hard for me to really relax.  Whenever I begin to indulge in some self-pampering or any other down time, I start feeling somewhat guilty.

"What do I NEED to do right now?"

"Okay, this is a waste of my time."

"I should be studying right now, writing, or sending out resumes."

"I really need to call X, Y and Z back."

These are just some of the thoughts that creep into my mind whenever I want to just take a break from the craziness of life.  However, after a few explosive outbursts, anxiety attacks complete with a full body rash, and crying spells I have learned that learning to really relax is just as important as anything else on my extensive to-do list.

For me, cleaning my house from top to bottom while playing some of my favorite songs in the background was my relaxation choice.  While I would be pleased with how neat and clean everything was afterwards, I was left feeling more exhausted and worked up than when I started.

 I've tried exercising to let off steam but, for some reason this is almost impossible for me.  For some strange reason, I get the best workouts when I am in a good mood already. I know it works for so many others but, attempting to work out while I'm stressed out is a huge negative for me.

So, I am still searching for some REAL de-stressing methods.  Something that will have my mind AND body at ease, even if it's only for a few minutes. I never dreamt that relaxing would be this hard but, I guess I will keep trying to figure it out.

So, how do you de-stress?


  1. Yoga is the exercise to relax and destress. This science was created so people can feel their true self that is in a state of perfect peace. Dr Oz has his patients do yoga.

    Wikipedia says, under Yoga Philosophy, "In all branches of yoga, the ultimate goal is the attainment of an eternal state of perfect consciousness."

  2. Oh I forgot to tell you that I found your bog through your Twitter direct mail to me.

  3. I sometimes de-stress by getting in my car and taking a long drive while listening to relaxing music. I sometimes drive through the country-side where there are beautiful relaxing sites. Other times I just drive a route that I've never driven before.

  4. Yes, yoga is very good for de-stressing. I used to take yoga all of the time. I really need to start back.

  5. I'm a spa-baby so anytime I can get some pampering in, my troubles just seem to melt awa with every knead of the hand!

  6. I take the time to breathe. Slowly, deeply and I relax my shoulders at the same time. It makes me pause and focus on the present. That is a great stress-reducer! Diana Fletcher


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