Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Getting That Natural Itch.....Again!

 I've really been toying with the idea of going natural again.  It seems like I go through this every year and it does not help that everywhere I turn, I see all of these beautiful ladies rocking their natural tresses.

I first relaxed my hair when I was 17 years old and then I transitioned back to natural about 3 years ago.  First I started out only relaxing my hair every 3 months then, every 6 months.  I learned so much about how to take care of my hair during this time.

I was apprehensive at first because many people told me that my hair would start breaking off but, I learned that with the perfect balance of moisture and protein my hair would be fine. The amount of length and thickness I was able to retain when I stretched my relaxers was amazing! The longer I waited to relax, the more my hair seemed to grow.  During this time, I would go to my hairstylist and he would blowdry and straighten my hair. My hair was so healthy!! But, it was very time-consuming to deal with it, especially on wash day.

I finally let my relaxer grow out for a year before cutting it into an inverted bob so that I could be finally free!! Free of my stringy, relaxed ends, free to wear my fierce twistouts, braidouts or just plain ol' big hair. However, after I cut my hair I ended up getting a relaxer again.  I thought the cut would have made managing my hair much easier but, it was only more difficult.  So, after ALL that....I relaxed again.(Crazy, huh?)


That cut was two years ago, and I miss my natural hair.  It's grown a lot since then but, I'm quite bored with it at this point. 

 What's a girl to do?  Do I keep the convenience of a relaxer or give my hair the healthiest option by going natural?  I will probably continue to see how long I can stretch my relaxers until I get brave enough to transition to fully natural.

Are you natural or relaxed?  Do you find that your hair is healthier when it's natural or relaxed?


  1. scratch it! tee-hee

    I understand, this is my second go around at natural hair and for some reason it seems once someone goes natural it gets harder to stay relaxed, because honestly our hair is the healthiest in its natural state. i say do what makes you happy ;)

  2. I've been growing my relaxer out for almost a year. Like you I started stretching the times between perms until I figured why bother. But I still wear my hair straight so I don't really consoder myself to be "going natural" so to speak.

    It is a major pain on wash day, it takes me so much longer than when it was relaxed. But I usually just do it on a day I don't neeed to go anywhere and do it in stages.

    I do find my hair is healthier now, and thanks to my flat iron I get the same look as when I had a relaxer.

  3. I've been natural on 3 seperate occassions lol. I just recently relaxed but I do think of transitioning again. My natural hair for some reason is prone to single strand knots and split ends. I mostly wear protective styles so I have no idea why that happens. My hair also doesn't go well with heat so since I like wearing hair straight I figured I may as well relax.

    If your natural hair is easy to manage I say go for it! Your hair and scalp will be healthier!

  4. I've been natural almost two years now and have a very full head of healthy hair. I think the decision has to be based on your goals for your hair and your health. There are tons of resources online to help you find a wide variety of styles so you can avoid becoming bored. Also having a support system that will support whichever route you choose to go will make a world of difference. I'm happy to be your natural hair cheerleader!

  5. Wow! So all of you ladies are natural? It's been almost 3 months since my last relaxer and I am going to see how long I can go without relaxing. Wish me luck!!

  6. I've been giving this a lot of thought lately.I got my first relaxer when I was 14 or 15 and to go natural so bad but I don't know how to start.

  7. Your blog states achieving beauty and wellness naturally so... GO NATURAL

    Your natural hair pics looks beautiful and relaxed so... GO Natural..

    Natural cheerleader here.. all day, everyday.. I fear washdays though :-(


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