Thursday, February 25, 2010

Makes Me Wanna Scream!!!: Anger and the Effect on Your Health

I recently read an article on about how anger can hurt your heart. It went on to say that people who have  explosive anger--you know the type who throw things, have violent outbursts, slams doors--are at a much higher risk for developing heart disease. According to Dr. Kubanzsky, "Being able to tell people that you're angry can be extremely functional," she says. But explosive people who hurl objects or scream at others may be at greater risk for heart disease, as well as those who harbor suppressed rage, she says. "Either end of the continuum is problematic."

This article hit home for me because I have struggled with suppressed anger for most of my life. I have an extremely mild-mannered and reserved personality and while this has it's advantages in various settings and circumstances , it has also been something that I have had to try to change over the years. Growing up, I was always the smart, quiet girl who appeared to take everything in stride and not get phased by any negativity. On the inside it would be just the opposite. At times, I would be upset or angry about something and never address it, only to let it fester and build until it came out in the form of a violent outburst. I would feel like I had no control over myself when I became this angry. My hands would shake uncontrollably and my skin would feel extremely flushed. I knew that this had to be having some negative effects on my body and on my relationships.

After a huge wake-up call and some very expensive Anger Management classes, I have gotten much better with time and have learned to express myself in a better way. In my opinion, some things are not even worth the time and energy to bring attention to but, there are definitely situations where I should express myself. I have always known that anger is a horrible emotion to harbor and reading this article on how it can physically affect my health is even more incentive to speak up when I need to. Anger issues, when left untreated and unrecognized, can lead to far more serious problems in the end. Chances are whatever or whoever is making me feel this way is not worth the potential consequences.  Remember," he who angers you controls you. "

Do you get angry often? How do you control your anger? What things/situations really get under your skin?

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