Friday, March 12, 2010

Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner

I started using Giovanni Direct Leave-in conditioner a few years ago, during and after my transition to natural hair. In dealing with the two different textures on my head, I was in desperate need of a product that would not make wash day a nightmare for me! After hearing great reviews about Giovanni Direct leave-in conditioner, I decided to give it a try. A leave-in conditioner provides moisture and conditioning needed to maintain healthy hair, especially after shampooing. Many shampoos strip your hair of oils leaving it dry, tangled and susceptible to breakage and a dull appearance.
(My hair after shampooing, a little Giovanni Direct and rollersetting.)

After shampooing and conditioning, I massaged a quarter-sized amount of Giovanni Direct into my hair (when it comes to most hair products, less is more!) and began to detangle with a wide-tooth comb. The first thing I liked right away was how great it smelled. Most of all, my hair was much more manageable and easier to comb. After my hair was completely styled and dry, it was unbelievably soft! Gone was the tangled, straw-like mass that I was usually left to contend with. I was more than ecstatic to say the least!

I am no longer natural (I relax my hair every 3 to 4 months) but, Giovanni Direct Leave-in conditioner is still a staple for me. It does a perfect job of moisturizing my hair and also contains light protein. In case you did not know, one of the secrets to healthy hair is a regimen containing the perfect balance of moisture and protein. If you are in need of a leave-in conditioner full of natural conditioning ingredients, I highly recommend Giovanni Direct leave-in conditioner. You will not be disappointed!

Disclosure: The opinions stated are my own.  I was not compensated to promote this product.

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