Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The New and Advanced Feminine Protection: Instead SoftCup

I first heard about Instead Softcups on my beloved, Long Haircare Forum  about a year or two ago. Quite a few women raved about how they had started using Instead and fell in love. Basically, it is a small cup made out of hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-latex materials that is a much safer alternative to using pads and tampons.  The Instead Softcup website also says that it can be used "during ALL activities...Sports....Sleep... Sex (very interesting...)...Swimming...Spotting".

The Instead Softcup can also hold twice as much as a regular tampon, which would definitely prevent  the paranoia that comes with being fabulously dressed and not wanting to be embarrased by any unsightly  leaks! It also allows you to sleep all night without having to get up to change because  it provides a wear time of up to 12 hours!

Not only is it very comfortable but, it is also very safe. It contains no residual fibers, no strings, no bleach or any other chemicals typically found in the other forms of feminine protection.

The Instead SoftCup definitely on my list of new things to try. What peaks my curiosity is the method needed to take the Instead SoftCup out. Since it has no strings or anything, I wonder how difficult the removal is? Seeing as how my period only comes every 3 to 6 months (I'm a PCOS sufferer), I am not sure how soon I will be able to try Instead.  I will probably stock up on some and keep them on hand for when Aunt Flo does decide to show up.

Do any of you ladies have experience with Instead?

Disclosure: Opinions stated are my own. I was not compensated for this post.


  1. I have used Instead in the past and I plan on using it again. I loved it! I will say that the removal can be a bit messy so I try to time it where I am removing it at home rather than somewhere else. But I have worn my instead cup for an entire day before. I've worn it swimming (something I could never do with a tampon) with no worry. I highly recommend them.

  2. Ashia, I was afraid of the removal:-/ I think that I will be trying it out very soon. I am a "tampon only" girl so, I will see how Instead compares.

  3. Many find tampons comfortable than pads since it offers more freedom. But it also has its advantages and disadvantages. One should be cautious, if one forget to remove it on time, then it may lead to bad smell, bacteria forms, thus leading to infections. It may also cause TSS disease. One can use tampon but has should be alert. One should immediately go to gynaecologist, if faces any problem.

  4. ::giving that contraption the side eye::

    I dunno about this....

  5. LOL @ Dani! I know. I'm still very curious.


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