Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tick Tock of the Biological Clock

Lately it seems that I have become obsessed with any and everything pertaining to babies. Most of my leisure time is filled with reading mommy blogs and watching television shows about pregnancy and parenthood. Although I don’t really need a baby right now (I would rather be married again and finished with grad school), I find myself fantasizing daily about being pregnant and being a mother. I guess my biological clock is just starting to tick faster as I approach 30 this year.

Back when I was in my early 20’s and planning the timeline for my life, I was supposed to have one baby at 26 and the next one at around 28/29. At 29, I am now divorced with no kids which is not really a bad thing but, it was definitely not the turn I expected my life to take. So, I guess it just proves that you never know what  plans God has in store for your life. However, I still have bouts of serious baby fever.

I feel that I am at a good age to have a baby but, when I think about it I still feel somewhat scared and not ready. I suppose that's normal. Other days, I feel like time is quickly passing me by and I need to get started sooner rather than later! I also have PCOS and I worry that I will have to actually try to have a baby (not very fun if you ask me). Just thinking about the whole thing makes me nervous and confused which leads me to think, do you ever feel completely ready?

For all of you ladies who are moms, when did you know that you were ready to have a baby? Did you have to try or did it just happen? When you were pregnant, what symptoms did you have? What was your first reaction when you found out?


  1. Listen...I didn't know but now that I am divorced with TWO kids let me share some truth! I had my first child at 29. I was married and THOUGHT I was ready!! DO NOT have children until you are in a healthy supportive relationship. It is the HARDEST thing I've EVER done and it NEVER ends. Long after that sweet smelling baby leaves the bassinet you will be raising the child so proceed with caution. You're ready when you've done ALL the things you want to do (education, travel,career,etc.) I wish someone had told are NEVER truly ready but certainly not a day before 34 yrs old. I'm serious!! It's not a joke!

  2. I hear you. I was supposed to have my first at 25, second at 27, and be done!.... I'm with the same man I've been with since 19....i'm 28 now and still childless...and I say....THANK GOD!!! I was totally not ready.
    My clock is ticking, and my ovaries explode every time I see a cute baby...but I know the timing is still nowhere near right for that yet.

    I luv your blog! :) New subscriber here :)
    XO, Dani

  3. Tracie, not before 34?! LOL! I definitely realize that it takes a lot to raise kids especially in this day and age. I just don't want to be too old.

    Dani, thanks for subscribing:-)

  4. I always thought I would have my first child before 30, which I did but thought I would be married. I had my son at 27 and I am a single mother but don't regret for anything. I am financially stable, I have two loving parents,a big supportive family and know that God would not have gave me such a blessing if I wasn't ready. His father and I are still very much together and are doing great raising our son together.

    I say you know you're ready when you're ready. No one can put a time table on it. Sure there are days when its hard but it's about finding balance and doing what you need to do handle things.

  5. I honestly didn't know I was ready until my husband said he was ready. I kept waiting for my Mommy gene to kick in and it never did! But once my husband said he was ready, it went into overdrive! So I wouldn't necessarily wait for that. And if you have PCOS, you definitely need to give yourself plenty of time to get pregnant with a healthy baby. I did not know I had PCOS until after I had a miscarriage, a baby born with a genetic defect who died and 2 more miscarriages. I finally went to an RE and he helped regulate my PCOS and enabled me to become pregnant with a healthy baby. Long story, but PCOS is a big factor in fertility. GOOD LUCK in knowing when you are ready, and GOOD LUCK in getting pregnant when you are ready.


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