Monday, May 31, 2010

Chinese Face Mapping

Have you ever had breakouts that seem to all of a sudden take over just your chin or jaw line? Or maybe you get those pesky and annoying "Rudolph the red nose" pimples on your nose every now and then.

Well, according to a technique called Chinese face mapping you can better assess what may be causing your breakouts and what to do about them.  With Chinese face mapping, it is thought that toxin build up or weakness in a certain organ or gland can cause acne in certain parts of the body.

Toxins often cleanse through the skin when the other eliminating systems are sluggish.  Hormonal imbalances   over stimulate the oil glands and impurities in the blood will often affect the skin. For example, many women experience breakouts (especially on the chin area) a few days before their cycle starts and the chin area is thought to correlate with the female reproductive organs.

Personally, I have found this chart to be accurate and very helpful in making me understand how to acheive healthy, glowing skin.  Lord knows it has been an uphill battle sometimes!  Check it out!

  1. The forehead- Digestion problems/ Intestines/ Stress
  2. Above eyebrows - Liver
  3. Between eyes - Spleen
  4. Bridge of nose - Male reproductive - Sarsaparilla or Saw Palmetto.
  5. Cheeks -Lungs
  6. Corners of mouth - Fallopian tubes - 
  7. Chin - Uterus/ female reproductive organs
  8. Jaw line - Female reproductive organs
  9. Chest- lungs
  10. Back - Intestines  

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