Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Are Your Natural/ Organic Product Staples?

I have come to find that less is more sometimes.  The most pure and natural products often work so much better than the complex, manmade (not to mention expensive!) products on the market.

There are a few natural products that I live by daily and without them I do not know what I would do. My number one product right now is....coconut oil.  I cannot begin to sing enough praises about it!  I get mine from Whole Foods and I have to sit it in some warm water to get it to liquefy but, all of the preparation is so worth it!

I use it in my hair to add moisture and great shine.  I also use it right before I flat iron my hair.  Coconut oil is a must-have in my book! It leaves my hair so soft and silky with the right amount of shine.  I love the fact that my hair is not greasy or weighed down either.  My hair is left conditioned, moisturized and swingin' in the wind.

Coconut oil also works great as a skin moisturizer.  I use it on my feet at night to keep them baby soft!

Which natural or organic product is your staple?


  1. My natural staples are :
    coconut oil
    almond oil
    castor oil
    henna (loves it!!)


  2. you already know abt my love affair with coconut oil! But i make my own exfoliant at home with fruits, honey, and oats as well!

  3. wow thanks for this post. I bought some virgin coconut oil a week ago from whole foods too because i read and saw so many people talking about how healthy it is if you eat it. i tasted i and it was ok. I was trying to figure out how to incorporate this in my daily life. i will definitely try this the next time before i straighten my dry hair and try on skin!
    Ok, so my fave staples is
    -castor oil
    -sweet almond oil (love this)
    -avocado butter

  4. Coconut oil is my baby daddy!!

    XO, Dani


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