Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Urine Therapy

Recently, I was reading online about people who use urine for skincare purposes.  Yes. . . URINE!  There were a number of people who swore by it to heal their eczema, acne, even their skin tone and alleviate other skin conditions.

  From what I read, the urine is diluted with water, placed on the skin for a period of time and then rinsed off. Some people are even drinking the urine solution to help with their skin conditions and various ailments. It is believed that urine contains antibodies and has great detoxifying agents for the skin and body. 

I have heard of women putting a baby's wet diaper on their face in hopes of getting smooth, glowing skin but I have never heard of someone actually ingesting it?! Frankly, it makes my stomach churn to even think about it.  This is taking natural remedies to a WHOLE new level!

I doubt that I will be incorporating urine into my skincare routine but, it does slightly interest me to find out if this really works.

What do you think about urine therapy? Have you/ would you try it?


  1. Yeah, no. This is one treatment i'll gladly do without.

  2. LOL, I'll definitely have to pass on this one!

  3. I have heard this really works, but i'll just pass on it, lol
    Bad skin & all!!


  4. My grandmother told me that they used to rub a used wet diaper on a baby's tongue to cure thrush. She too proclaims to ahve rubbed wet diapers on all of children's faces to ensure the they didn't end up with dry skin. It must have worked because everyone in my family has great skin. I can't say I would do it to my own but I wouldn't completely rule it out either. LOL

  5. I have tried this before! Not sure if it's worked or not.

  6. Ladies, I am so curious still to find out if it works but, I really can't bring myself to try it! LOL

  7. ~When my daughter was 2 she would wake up in the mornings with a really thick crust of mucus around her eyes. It was so bad her eyes were sealed shut. I took her to the dr. and he had no clue what to do. I had read about the urine therapy, so i collected some of her urine from her potty got two cotton balls and applied to her eyes. I did this for two days in a row, and she has not had the problem since. I've used it on my skin & I definitely see a difference. I haven't drank it though ..LOL. There is a book my Martha Christy titled "Your Own Perfect Medicine"
    There is a LONG thread on this on LHCF.


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