Friday, June 11, 2010

Cravings, Breakfast and Other Banter

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Okay, so don't ask me why I've been up since 4:30 this morning making pancakes that I woke up craving (that may be another story) and I am sitting here typing this post at 5:30 am. I've been trying really hard to stay away from breads (my addiction and comfort food)  especially white flour but, I just had to have some pancakes this morning and I was all out of wheat pancake mix so white flour pancakes it was! They were too good going down too!

This girl I know has the best abs ever to me (not super, super muscular but just the right amount of tone) so, I asked her what her exercise routine consisted of.  She told me she didn't exercise that much, she only eats seafood, lots of fruits,  vegetables and very little bread.  This was all the motivation I needed to cut back on all of the breads and pastas I love to indulge in. 

 I am attempting to get a more toned look, particularly in the abdomen region and I know that bread, mainly white flour,  can really make you look bloated and flabbed out over time. I do not feel as bad because I convinced myself that  the cup of blueberries and strawberries I had after the pancakes will balance it out. 

I started wondering this morning, how many people actually eat breakfast and what do most people eat?  I have to eat something in the mornings.  I wake up hungry (it's usually not at 4:30, like it was this morning though) and I will usually have oatmeal or cereal and some yogurt with fruit.

Do you eat breakfast every morning? What do you usually eat?


  1. I usually eat bacon, eggs, and frozen waffles. *hangs head in shame* I've been telling myself over and over that I need to do better, especially since I can't REALLY be trusted to work out consistently. I actually made pancakes today too, since we were out of waffles.

  2. Looking at those pancakes just gave me a mout orgasm. LOL I normally eat some sort of soup, fruit or toast for breakfast each morning. I know it seems random but I'm not usually hungry in the morning but I force myself to eat something for energy sakes.

  3. Breakfast is the worst meal of the day for me because I don't eat the majority of the breakfast meats with the exception of Morningstar Farms veggie products and or turkey bacon. I don't care much for eggs although I'm trying to force myself to start eating egg whites. So I'm usually left with a sugary breakfast/protein bar or sugary cereal. I always eat something but not the best items to start my day.


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