Monday, June 7, 2010

Trying to Conceive...Or not...The Natural Way

As a woman, being in tune with your body can have great benefits.  When it comes to trying to conceive or preventing pregnancy, many women are opting for more natural methods such as fertility charting.  I came across, an online fertility calendar and charting site with a lot of great features that can help you time intercourse whether you trying to be preggers or not.

Here are just a few of the features has to offer:

  • Record and chart multiple symptoms
  • Capable of displaying recorded events on your ovulation charts
  • Chart overlays to compare your own charts with other cycles or charts from other users
  • Side by side chart comparison tool
  • Searchable chart library
  • Can record intercourse, protected intercourse, and intercourse notes to identify specific times and/or other information of interest
  • Charts support tool tips to display notes and other information when hovering your mouse over specific dates and fields on your chart
  • Gender swaying support to indicate the likelihood of conceiving a boy or a girl based upon the Shettles Method
  • Pregnancy tool to help track your pregnancy
  • The Hormonal Forecaster's own innovative chart shading feature illustrates how recorded symptoms translate into interpreted fertility levels by shading the user's chart in areas indicative of high fertility. 
I know of quite a few women who have used fertility charting with much success and I have been reluctant to use it because of my irregular/ absent cycles due to PCOS.  However, as I am on the track to regulating my body I have decided to give this site a try.  I would love to be so in tune with my body that I know whether I am ovulating or not.

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I also like the fact that offers a detailed ovulation calendar that can be synchronized with the Hormonal Forecaster.  With this you can view past cycles, ovulation dates, future cycles, and other recorded data.  Check out more of this fertility software's cool features here:

Ovulation Calendar

Have any of you ever used a fertility software site or fertility charting?  How successful was it?

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