Sunday, August 22, 2010

Check My Foot work!

 You may remember a few months ago, the post I wrote about barefoot running.  I saw a show about it in which experts were suggesting that running barefoot (or close to it) was better on your feet than wearing the more heavily padded, more expensive running shoes that are on the market. 

After doing some research of my own, I found that Nike has an entire shoe line called the Nike Free made specifically of lightweight running shoes that will give an almost barefoot feel.  For example, the Nike Free Run+ that is made of lightweight material, flexible support and minimal seaming to give its wearers a barefoot-like feel while running. It even has a molded sockliner that imitates the curvature of the foot for greater support and comfort.

I was dying to try it and as fate would have it, Nike sent me a pair of their Nike Free Run running shoes!!  I've used them a few times since I've received them and I must say they are the best and most comfortable sneakers I have EVER ran in.  They are VERY lightweight and the sockliner provides the right amount of support.  They hug my feet just right! Not to mention, they are super cute!!

With my other running shoes, I would have to adjust my socks mid-workout to help my feet feel more comfortable.  Sometimes, the soles of my feet would feel like they were burning if I ran for too long.  With the Nike Free's though, I just put them on and go.  No adjusting, no taking my feet out during my workouts to let them rest, no blisters on my feet.....nothing!!  I had better balance and just overall better performance.  Hopefully this will give me added motivation to start running as much as I used to. Hey, anything's possible!

What's your running/ workout shoe of choice? Are you happy with them?

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