Friday, August 27, 2010

Here Comes the Simple Chic Bride

As anyone who has planned a wedding, gotten married or been a part of a wedding knows, they can be extremely stressful.  What should be the most beautiful and memorable day of your life can quickly turn into just the opposite.   I remember feeling uptight, exhausted and looking back on it, I would have done so many things differently (including not marrying the person I did..but I digress..LOL). If I am blessed to get married again, I would opt for a more simple dress and a more informal wedding.

Although, I would probably never have a beach or outdoor wedding ( I would be too stressed out thinking about whether or not the weather is going to cooperate), I do love the atmosphere of one! The informality really appeals to me.  Everyone looks so calm and happy, not constrained by tight dresses or too-small heels and they have the chance to really focus on what the day is really about...two individuals pledging their sincere love and commitment to one another.

I especially love some of the beautiful styles of simpler, yet elegant wedding dresses. Here are a few pics of some of my favorites.The two Marchesa dresses in the last pic are my absolute favorites!

Which one do you like?
To my married ladies, did you have the wedding of your dreams?


  1. I love the very first dress, with the big bow ~ so cute!

    My wedding was actually just the opposite. DH and I went to the J.O.P. initially..... and then 8 months later we renewed our vows in Jamaica and I did the big gown and photographs and it was lovely! :-)

    But in general, I do agree - simpler (and LESS expensive) is better in the long run. Our destination vow renewal ceremony was my "dream wedding" and also under $1000! Gotta love it.

  2. Love all the dresses but I definitely have a dream wedding in mind. 70 guests, small, black-tie, very romantic. I don't want a big wedding party but I do want those I care about to be there with me. I prefer the smaller weddings though. Unfortunately, I'm the only girl (I have brothers), so my mother is looking forward to going all out since she and my father didn't have a wedding (they've been married 29 years).

  3. Are you my twin?? I swear. I did have a pretty formal yet non traditional (if tat makes sense) wedding. I had 150 guest and although I didnt have a DROP of wedding debt (I paid as I went credit cards)..I def dont want that the next time around. I wanted the beach in Aruba or St. Lucia all long..or a really fly courtouse wedding..complete w/ birdcage pill box hat and a fly white suit. I already know that's what I want. It's not a big deal to me


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