Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Organic Mommies and Daddies Wanted!

The lovely people at Cara B, a company committed to making chemical-free, natural hair and skin products for ethnically diverse children, sent some of their products to me for a product review. 

Seeing that I do not have any babies to try them out on (yet...), I decided to reach out to all of my readers who are organic, natural mommies/ daddies! If you would be willing to receive these products for free and agree to send me your honest review of the products, then I need your help!

The Cara B products that you would receive include: shampoo/bodywash, leave-in conditioner, moisturizing hair mist, body lotion and baby bar soap.  ALL of their products are made with plant based ingredients, natural oils and are sulfate, petrolatum, and paraben free.  They also have NO artificial colors or fragrances so, they would be great for your child's sensitive skin and scalp.  They are also certified natural and allergen free.

If you are interested, all you have to do is leave a comment stating why you believe organic/ natural products are the best for your baby/ child!  I will pick one organic mommy/ daddy on Friday, August 20th to receive these Cara B products for review.

Good luck and thanks for your help!!


  1. I'd like to think that I'm still fairly new to the "natural" scene. September marks my nappiversary and I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself. My daughter's hair has been natural since she was born and never have I imagined relaxing it. I embarked upon products at my
    Whole Foods store and my daughter hair (as well as mine) LOVES it! The scent is to die for and detangling for my daughter is a breeze. She doesn't cry or hide the comb/brush when it's time to wash her hair and she actually WANTS me to do it.

    I've noticed that her hair is growing and so has mine due to our restraint on those products that contain ingredients I'm able to pronounce. . lol. I'm glad I've jumped on this green wagon. I feel good spending my hard earned money on something that can definitely benefit me and my family.

  2. How cool is that. My hair is natural, but I'm not a mom yet either so I can't review. I sent the link to a blogger I think would do a great review. Hope she contacts you.

  3. I think that natural products are best for my daughter's hair because they are simply BETTER for her hair than most commercial products. All of those different chemicals just cause build up, which can lead to dandruff, and itchy scalps, and an unhappy baby!
    I've just recently gone natural myself, and I've discovered that for both of us, our hair responds best to ingredients, that as Carla stated, can actually be pronounced!

  4. After my daughter was born we realized she had excema. We converted to 100% natural everything because her skin is so sensitive. I'd love to win because I'm a "green blogger" and think it would be groovy to try something new that is natural and organic. Pick Me!! *bats lashes* :D


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