Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hair Updates: Staying Inspired

Hello ladies!  Some of you may know that I have been transitioning to natural hair for the past eight months.  For those of you who did not know, yes I am trying to embrace my natural hair texture and gain healthier hair.  I will say, it is quite a journey! I still have moments of doubt and frustration.

 "Can I really do this?"

 "What in the world am I going to do with all this once it is all natural?"

 "Will I still feel cute?"

I have made my mind up to stick it out and focus on finding products and information for my hair.  Natural hair blogs (CurlyNikki, MopTopMaven, maneandchic, NikStarWasHere) and youtube vloggers have been my saving grace over the past few months! I plan to do a long term transition because I do not want to cut my hair just yet.  I've been doing twistouts, buns, and just recently I tried my first sew-in weave.

I will say, my hair seems to be doing okay for the most part and I have a lot of new growth. Sometimes I flat iron and straighten my hair and wear bouncy curls when I get bored with the twistouts and buns. It gives me a chance to see how much my hair has grown and keep me motivated to stay away from the creamy crack!

My hair flatironed and curled. I love it!

During my first attempt at transitioning, I cut my hair from BSL (brastrap length) to an inverted bob that was nape length in the back and barely shoulder length in the front.  It was freeing but hard to maintain and I ended up relaxing again. So, this time around I will probably just cut a few inches off at a time.

I plan on transitioning for another year probably. Hopefully, I can stay strong! My natural ladies, what helped you stay motivated during your transition?


  1. Wow,
    this pic reminded me just how beautiful your hair is. Your natural hair will be just as beautiful, i'm sure.


  2. My natural ladies, what helped you stay motivated during your transition?: i just did the big chop...i was simply over it...then a few yrs later i chopped I am 8 yrs going strong, no regrets!

  3. Thanks Fefe ;-)

    @Toni- you big chopped? some days I am tempted but, I just don't think I can pull it off. lol!

  4. Keeping in the mind that my hair will be at its healthiest.

  5. Your hair looks great! Looks like the transition is going well!

  6. wow your hair is soooooo pretty!

  7. What helped me the most is how much money I've saved. My relaxers would cost about $75-$100 because I had "long hair" and I finally found a friend that produces the same results for about $25-$30 and it lasts even longer.

    I'm also still transitioning because I do not plan on cutting my hair either. It appears to be growing just fine since it has grown past my bra.

  8. Congrats on your decision!! :-)

    I transitioned for a year and haven't looked back since. It really helped for me to look at inspiring pictures from other naturals, so I could see my hair's potential. Also, I read as many blogs/books/magazines, as I could during this time to keep me motivated.


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