Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mission: Healthy Weight Gain

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After spending my entire life wanting to gain weight, I'm starting to wonder, "Is it possible to be healthy and gain a little weight?"  I would like about 5 to 10 pounds and it has been extremely difficult.
Just to give you a little background....

I'm 5'4" and 122 pounds.

I workout by lifting weights sometimes, doing yoga, pilates and running about 4 times a week. I also hardly eat any meat right now ( only fish about twice a week and ocassionally chicken) and I do not have any dairy (well, maybe a little Baskin Robbins ice cream every once in a while.)  So, I think this is not helping me in my quest to pick up a few pounds but I refuse to stop my workouts and I really do not wish to eat a whole lot of meat or have dairy anymore.  It makes me unbelievably nauseous when I tried in the past.

I do have protein shakes on the days I work out and I have just started to count my calories everyday since it appears that my metabolism is not slowing down, even at 30.

Is it possible to have a regular exercise routine and a diet like mine but, still gain some weight? I really don't want that much but, even that has been hard to come by. Maybe I should cut back more on my running? This is beyond frustrating sometimes!! Honestly, I like being slender but I want to have a little more.  

Mission Weight Gain continues....


  1. I think it's possible if you can gain it by building muscle. Maybe you can up your know use heavier ones?

  2. ooh mine thats what im facing at the moment , i really want to gain a bit of weight but it never works and i loose weight way too easily :/ xoxo

  3. Zanjabil- I think I do need some heavier weights! Thanks.

    Maphi- Girl, we can be in this together! lol

  4. Proper diet & Normal workout is a sign for Healthy weight gain.

    Weight Gain

  5. wanna switch cos i wanna lose :( *sigh*


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