Friday, January 7, 2011

Body Changes without the Nip and Tuck

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 I'm not a big advocate of plastic surgery but, I do believe that if there is something about yourself that you want to improve, you should.  Plastic surgery is a bit too risky for me so I choose to use exercise and dietary changes to get my desired body (or close to it).  I want more toned mass in order to look a little bigger and I would like very toned abs. So for the past few months, I have been actively trying to reach these goals by modifying my diet and incorporating a workout plan catered towards achieving them.

*Side note: And if any of you ladies know of how one can use exercise or supplements to increase breast size, I'm all ears!

What is the one area of your body you would like to change through exercise and/or diet change?


  1. Wellll,since you asked.... :)

    I've had three babies, so my stomach has a little pouch that won't seem to go away. While I don't think it's extreme enough for surgery or anything - I do wish it would go away. I look at college pics and miss my flat tummy. Spanx and me are good friends! haha.

  2. Hey GG! Girl, I'm sure you still look great! lol.


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