Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Got Paid... it's Friday night!

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Friday is here yet again! What a week it has been for me! A number of things are going on and I do feel rather accomplished for once. I am in anticipation of what will be happening real soon! (I will keep you guys posted)

On the weekends I like to take some time out and do some stuff just for me. Nothing major--paint my nails, do my hair and work out (well, I do this during the week too but you get my drift). This weekend, I will probably wash, deep condition and do a twistout on my hair, do some writing, start on some school work, get a facial and get ready for my upcoming trip back to Atlanta (my faithful twitter followers may know just how much I have missed it there!)

I will also be preparing for my birthday on Thursday. I will be 30! I can't believe it! For some reason, I am experiencing mixed emotions as it draws closer. In any event, I'm blessed and I will be sure to post pics of how I celebrated.

What are your weekend plans?

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