Sunday, February 6, 2011

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow!

Superbowl Sunday is finally here and if you haven't guessed already, my bets are on the Steelers. The best part about Superbowl for me is the food and fellowship! I'm still on the 30-day Cardio challenge so, no fried food or alcohol for me.  I am allowed three cheat days this month but I will probably save them for next weekend. I'll be slurping down fruit smoothies and munching on hummus, tortilla chips and baked fish instead.  What's on your Superbowl Sunday menu?

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  1. My parents did their annual party and the spread was massive: hot wings, chicken salad sandwiches, turkey chili, turkey meatballs, turkey hot dogs, chips, veggies with spinanch dip, sangria, wine, beer, taquitos, pigs in a blanket, spinach salad with cranberries and feta cheese, fruit salad, pasta salad and cheese and crackers. LOL


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