Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Global 30-day Fitness Challenge- Who's In?

There is a global 30-day fitness challenge going on starting......TODAY! I heard about it on Twitter and despite the fact that I have been fighting a fever and sore throat for the past few days, I'm all over this challenge! 

Here are some of the rules:
1. No alcohol
2. No fried food
3. No fast food
4. Drink half of your body weight (in oz.) of water
5. On Sunday, plan your workouts and meals for the upcoming week

* You get 3 cheat days for the month but, only 3!!

Day 1's (today) workout can be found here:

For more info., the remainding workouts and nutritional tips for the 30-day challenge email Atlanta personal trainer, Rahman Grayson at info@mrshutupandtrain.com. You can also check him out in the following video.  This is just the challenge I need to switch up my workout regimen and stay consistent with my goals.

 Who else is in?


  1. I'm all in on this. I love his videos and plan to visit the facility one day in the near future. I would love to hire him as a trainer.

  2. Thanks for joining ladies! Monique, I am really considering getting a few sessions too.


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