Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bad Mood=No workout?

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 I have always heard people say that working out makes them feel better when they are stressed out or in a bad mood.  It has always been the exact opposite for me.  If I am in a funk, I most likely will NOT be working out.  I've tried in the past but every time I begin working out the only thing that's on my mind is the problem/issue at hand.  Then I start feeling like the time I am spending in the gym could be spent working at rectifying the problem/issue.  I guess it's just the perfectionist and worry wart in me.

I now force myself to workout even when I'm not in the best of spirits and think about problems later. It's still hard though.

Does your mood affect whether or not you workout?


  1. For the most part, yes. If I'm in a bad mood (like today), then the gym will see no parts of me but my sewing machine will. lOL

  2. But fitness and health should not be an emotional option.It should be a regular habit come what may and you never know it may just swing up your moods more than ever.


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