Saturday, December 15, 2012

Produced By Faith

I searched almost every Barnes and Noble bookstore in Atlanta for this book! I ended up ordering it from amazon. com and it got to my doorstop last week.  I am just 60 pages in but, it has already inspired me in so many ways.

The author, Devon Franklin, discusses how to hold onto your faith and beliefs while making headway through your career and other aspects of your life.  He is a successful Hollywood studio executive, a Christian minister and the husband of the beautiful actress, Meagan Good.

I feel like I could not have started reading this book at a better time in my life!  There is so much that has happened and so much more that I want to do but, at times I find myself getting impatient, down, and confused.  This book is reminding me to remember what is most important in life and to hold on to my faith each day.  I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is having issues with staying hopeful and inspired in their lives!

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