Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This Week's Hair

Hey ladies! Just wanted to share the deets on what I've been doing to my hair recently.  Last week I used small perm rods and rocked a super curly 'do. I wore my hair like that all last week but got bored as usual. Since getting this color, I have been looking for more protective styles to minimize any breakage

Last week's hair (excuse the grainy phone pic)

This week's hair

This week I did a twistout on slightly blowdried hair but, this morning I didn't like how stringy my ends looked so I wet my hair using a spray bottle, added my beloved Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing smoothie, and a little Ecostyler gel and I got the hair you see above.  My hair looked and felt so soft.

 My texture at the top where the color is has loosened a bit, probably due to two unplanned coloring processes back-to-back (remember my hair coloring disaster I wrote about here?).  The very front of my hair was already a looser curl pattern than the rest of my hair so, now it really doesn't curl up like I would like *sigh*.  This makes my twistouts look funny to me because the ends of my hair in the front  won't curl up as much as the rest of my hair (even after twisting)...and I hate it! I have no idea what to do about it. I may have to cut it.

What is your hairstyle for this week?  Have you experienced any negative effects from hair color?


  1. I have ever perm my hair became curly and it was a huge disaster. At first yes it was look good and I liked it but then after a week it's just all gone and my hair transformed like a poodle. I got called poodle as well. Sigh..

    Also it makes you hair dry really dry. And cause breakage. I almost wanna went bald. But I went back to saloon got smoothing. My hair become straight again. But it may cause you dryness. So I am now using Dove intense care and my hair is just so soft like baby..

    Please stop by and say hi sometimes :)

  2. I like your hair! I experienced a problem once with my hair color when I used Beautiful Textures...it made my hair very dry. I spoke with a stylist and she told me to try using a reconstructor and it actually helped smooth it out.


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