Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Naked Juice--Maybe Not as Naked as You Think


While scrolling through Facebook today I saw that Naked Juice had a class action settlement.  This immediately caught my attention because I stock my fridge with Naked juices every chance I get.  In fact, I had just  picked up a few of them this morning because they were on sale for 2 for $4 (an unheard of price!).

 After clicking on the link, I read that according to the USA Today article, PepsiCo announced that their Naked Juice products will no longer be able to label their juices as all-natural.  One of the guidelines of natural products is that they have to contain no genetically modified organisms (GMO's), added colors, or artificial flavors.  The lawsuit claims that Naked Juices do contain synthetic ingredients and, therefore, cannot use the all-natural label currently seen on their bottles.

I hate to think that Naked Juice was preying on the "all-natural" trend that many people have moved towards just to gain a huge profit.  Although I am not that strict in buying all organic and/or natural products, this will probably make me think twice the next time I see Naked Juice products in the natural juice aisle.

Do you buy Naked Juice products?  Find out how you can qualify to get up to $75 in cash from the Naked Juice Settlement.


  1. I didn't know pepsi was behind the product

  2. Yes, I was never a fan of Naked and these new articles & releases really have me more clarification as to why. Thanks for sharing + bringing awareness, especially with those of us looking to lead healthier lifestyles.


  3. Thanks for sharing.
    Although my favourite is tea,I also want to drink it.


  4. Barbara’s Bakery (makers of the Puffins cereal, Snackimals, and other cereal/snack foods) has a similar settlement for a class action based on “all natural” labeling of products allegedly containing GMOs and synthetic ingredients. You can get up to $100 without proof of purchase: https://barbarasbakerysettlement.com/


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