Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Just Do It

After recovering from some type of 'bug' for the past week, I have been seriously struggling with working out again.  But, I have some goals I am trying to reach and I know how much exercise has helped my PCOS symptoms so I am looking for any forms of motivation to get me off the couch.

While doing my daily scroll through Instagram this morning,  I saw this pic of Lana Ector, one-half of the mother-daughter Black Girls Workout Too duo.....


..... and this quote on Pinterest (I'm really feeling this site!)

The pic of Lana alone had me sucking in my stomach on the couch.  This chick's body never fails to motivate me!  Then, this Nike quote was icing on the cake.  I had time to work out and really no excuse not to fit it in my schedule today.  So, I promptly got up, put in the Black Girls Workout Too dvd, and forced myself to get through the 45 minute workout.  I know that tomorrow I'll be glad that I did!

Tired and looking it!

What are you putting off that you can do today?  Taking that first step is all you need. 

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