Monday, November 25, 2013

On My Way to Having Healthy Babies (and other PCOS banter)

I came across probably THE most helpful, informative site ever!(In regards to natural ways of managing PCOS that is.)  Most of you may already know that I was diagnosed with PCOS some years ago and have been on a rollercoaster journey to find ways to balance my hormones naturally and one day have cute, little healthy babies!  In fact this blog was created as a place to share information I have found, natural remedies and other tips I have tried.

Dealing with PCOS has been one of the most emotionally wrenching things I have had to deal with. All of the frustration, contradicting information, doctors that are not really that helpful except to tell me a list of medications I need to take and just feeling like less of a woman some days.  When I was first diagnosed, I was beyond devastated.  My first thought was that I would never have a baby--which was like a death sentence for me.  I was newly married and wanted desperately to be a mother.  I am no longer married but, my dream of being a mother is still something that I pray about every day.  I am determined to get my body in check and really get a handle on these symptoms.

So what's the name of the site?, you ask.  It is PCOS Diva and it has really been an answer to my prayers!

When I found PCOS Diva, I was in amazement at all of the information that was contained on this one site.  The founder, Amy Medling , is a woman living with PCOS who went on to have three beautiful children.  She covers all aspects of PCOS (diet, emotional, physical) and has tons of resources to help.  The PCOS newsletters, detailed meal plans, meditation links, supplement recommendations, etc. have really helped me in the few weeks that have passed since stumbling across PCOS Diva.  I especially love the testimonials of past and current readers.  A lot of times, I feel so alone in a world where it seems that everyone else around me is having babies and not dealing with any of this PCOS-related craziness but, PCOS Diva has really given me inspiration, encouragement and direction.  For that I am so grateful.

If you have PCOS or know someone who does, this site is just want you need! 

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