Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fitness: Polin' It

Pole fitness has become increasingly popular in the past few years and I jumped on the bandwagon after one of my friends invited me to come to the pole studio she goes to. My body was very sore (in a good way) and I saw just how thorough these classes were. While it was fun getting my sexy on, I have a newfound respect for the sistas who work the pole for a living.  This is not a game! It takes serious core strength and for you to be in shape to be able to do these moves. The instructors were great and after I saw all of the tricks some of the other ladies could do, I was hooked.

My hot pole shoes

My friends and I at my very first pole class

I go to Vertical Joe's here in Atlanta, Georgia and since my first visit there, I have made pole fitness a part of my regular weekly workout routine. I'm one who needs to switch up what I do in my workouts and I feel so motivated whenever it is time for me to go to pole class.  It is definitely a workout and it can be difficult learning new moves but, I love a challenge!

Have you tried pole classes before?

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