Thursday, June 11, 2015

Healthy Eats: Dried Mango

In keeping with my "eat-clean-80%-of-the-time-to-feel-and-look-better" theme, I'm munching on a little dried mango.  I was eating them like crazy all of a sudden a few months ago until I looked at the ingredients on the back and saw  artificial coloring and sulfur dioxide listed *insert blank stare emoji*.  I was totally shocked that they actually add coloring and other crazy things to dried fruit.  Who does that?!

I decided to go to Sevananda, one of my local health food stores here in Atlanta, to see if I could finally score some dried mango without all of that extra stuff.  Sevananda did not disappoint! I picked up a bag and made sure to check the ingredients on the back.

*Note to self: Always look at the ingredients on the back if your food comes in any kind of package.

These are one of the healthy snacks I'm reaching for instead of cookies and candy tonight while watching the game. None of my teams made it to the finals but, I wouldn't mind seeing Golden State win *wink*.

What are some of the snacks on your clean eating list? 


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