Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Skin 101: Weekend Masking

Weekends are usually my time to revamp, pamper and just provide a little maintenance of my physical self.  My weeks can get pretty cray so, by Thursday/Friday-ish my nails might be chippin' and my hair is a frizzy mess.  Also, having oily skin calls for a mask or facial of some sort every few days .

My current fave skin mask is Aztec Indian Healing Clay mixed with a few teaspoons of Bragg's apple cider vinegar. I have tried other clay masks and this one is still my go-to!  I can really see a difference in how my skin feels and looks when I use it weekly.

I mix both ingredients into a plastic bowl and slather it on not too thick.  I do some cooking, answer some emails or even some laundry (if I'm feeling energetic. Ha!)  After about fifteen minutes, my face is gently pulsating and the clay gets really tight and cracked-looking.  I love that I can feel it working to get the oil and toxins out of my pores!

What are the products that are sure to leave your skin healthy and glowing?

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