Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maca Root

Do you suffer from unwanted hair growth, irregular cycles and hair that sheds easily or is falling out? The culprit maybe a hormonal imbalance. In trying to keep up with all of the demands placed on us as women, hormonal imbalance can be the end result. For some women, stress and a poor diet can cause the hormones found in our bodies to become out of wack. I havebeen experiencing the effects of hormonal imbalance (breakouts, irregular cycles etc.) and have been searching for natural remedies.

I recently discovered a Peruvian root called maca root. I heard about it on a forum I visit regularly called, Long Haircare Forum. Many of the women there have attested to the many benefits they have experienced since using it which include: thicker, healthy hair, clear skin, increased energy,increased libido and alleviation of PMS symptoms.

After doing some other research of my own, I have also found that maca root can help with fertility (in men and women) and with decreased unwanted facial hair growth. I suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and I am on a quest to alleviate the side effects I have experienced the natural way. Past medications prescribed to me, only left me feeling nauseous and having extreme mood swings. I definitely intend to give maca root a try and I will be sure to post updates!


  1. Please also research Saw Palmetto, and how it relates the blocking of DHT, which attacks our hair follicles.

    It's primarily advertised for men and their prostrate issues however DHT is also the culprit for male pattern baldness.

    Androgenic Alopecia in women along with PCOS all share the same issues with excess DHT. Saw Palmetto (a known DHT blocker) is an excellent answer in my opinion, it has helped me a great deal. That coupled with Maca, my hair has gotten thicker and I no longer get chin hairs when I used to have to seek them out and pull daily.

    I just wanted to share my personal experience with Saw Palmetto. I am beginning to see more info on the internet about the benefits of Saw Palmetto for women with androgenic alopecia and PCOS. Its seems they research cures for men first and the the info for women lags slowly behind much later, IMHO.

    This just one of the articles I found that address Saw Palmetto and it's positive effects on women with DHT related issues.

  2. Is there going to be an update on this, I just got maca today and would like to know your experiences. I suffer from irregular periods (my ENTIRE life, although they have gotten better after a 30 pound weight loss) and worries about facial most women LMK


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