Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can I Get Some New Ovaries Please?

Ok, I know I can't really get new ovaries but, I sure wish I could sometimes.  I am one of millions of women who have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and yet, I often feel all alone.  When I was first diagnosed, my doctor put me on Metformin and it really helped.  My skin cleared and, for the first time in years, Aunt Flo was coming around more often instead of her usual once-every-three-month appearance. 

After a while though, I was having crazy side effects from the Metformin--diarrhea and irritability mainly.  So, after I no longer had medical insurance I sought out natural ways to balance my out-of-wack hormones. I have seriously altered my diet (no red meat, no dairy, very little meat and TRYING to cut back on sugar). I also started taking Maca root, a herb that is supposed help with hormone balance and fertility.  It does not seem to be helping enough though and I am beyond frustrated and depressed at this point.  My PCOS symptoms seem to be getting worse as I get older and it really makes me want to scream some times.  I just don't know what else to do. 

Aunt Flo has been gone for 6 months now and my skin is looking crazy too--all signs that my hormones are all over the place.  To top it all off, this is doing nothing to help my plan to have a baby before I'm 35. If there are any ladies who have PCOS or know someone who has it and have ANY advice, feel free to share. Until then, I'll continue to see about getting some new ovaries.


  1. Oh girl - I feel ya! I have rebellious ovaries as well. But I've been able to control my PCOS through dietary changes and went from cycles MAYBE 2x a year to regular 8 week cycles, then to a 4 wk cycle before I got pregnant.

    Check out my blog: www.NaturallyKnockedUp.com
    for lots more info! It's not a gimmick, I'm not trying to sell you anything. It's just my blog where I share how problems like PCOS are caused by dietary and environmental factors.

    And please add red meat, FULL FAT dairy, and lots of good fat (olive oil, coconut oil, butter) back into your diet. Your PCOS is getting worse because you cut that out. Unfortunately conventional wisdom has us all thinking backwards.

  2. I would gladly give you my ovaries....they are good but just sitting around like an empty can in the refrigerator....completely useless. I've used all that I want to use.

    But, I am so sorry that you have so much discomfort and sadness about it. It's no fun when your body misbehaves. Praying for you.

  3. thanks Donielle! Great blog! I will be emailing you soon for more info.

  4. Hi, just wanted to share with you my experience. I was also diagnosed with PCOS a few months back. Frankly, I think doctors in my area just quickly diagnose women with PCOS for as long as they have seemingly irregular periods and supposed hirsutism, without ever making a comprehensive medical check-up nor background study of the patient. I don't claim to know more than the doctor though but I have since resorted to seeing a homeopathic doctor after a bad experience with prescribed medications. Not only has my period become more regular but I also discovered that the recent bouts of acne on the area around my mouth was more likely caused by intestinal problems rather than PCOS as earlier surmised. I'm not saying that homeopathic therapy is for everyone but I really believe lifestyle changes (healthy diet, regular exercise, minimal stress and a positive outlook) do wonders for our health. After reading your blog, I'm positive that you'll be able to achieve your health goals. All the best - Lady Steel in Heels

    1. Thanks for commenting! I do want to try more homeopathic remedies for treating my PCOS. I need to find a good practitioner in my area. And you are so right! I do think that women are being misdiagnosed.


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