Sunday, December 20, 2009

Philosophy Skin Care

So, I've been on the hunt recently for skin care products that aren't chock full of crazy chemicals and ingredients that overdry the skin. Although, I LOVE my Jurlique (thanks to my girl, Ondiya!), I was still searching for something that could do more for my skin. I tried a line called, Philosophy and I am extremely pleased!

I tried their clarifying retinol lotion which contains natural ingredients such as cucumber extract, vitamin A, vitamin E and chamomile. It made my skin look so radiant and feel so soft.... I felt like I was beaming all day!

Besides their natural ingredients, Philosophy has different words of inspiration on each product tube. The clarifying retinol lotion is a part of the On A Clear Day line and the product philosophy on it's little tube is "skin confidence leads to self confidence. when you believe in yourself and science, miracles can happen."

They also have the cutest product names! Divine Illumination, When Hope Is Not Enough and Hope In A Jar to name a few. When your skincare products have self-esteem boosters on them, how can you not look great? I think this is so innovative because I really believe that looking great starts with feeling and believing it first.

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