Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Black History Month: Beauty and Wellness Feature--A.J. Johnson

The beautiful A.J. Johnson is best known for her acting roles in Baby Boy and A Different World, along with a long list of other movies and televisions shows. She is also gaining wide recognition for her expertise as a celebrity fitness coach and she has the toned physique to prove it.

Ms. Johnson founded The AJ Zone, a business dedicated to promoting wellness and healthy living. Her clients include Beyonce and Gabrielle Union and she continues a create a wellness movement with her direct approach to fitness. “THE AJ ZONE is the zone you live in when you want to reach your better! We do not do personal training...how do you train Stevie Wonder to do anything? Hahahaha-how do you train T.O to be faster? These individuals are at the top of their game looking for more than just better performance, or better bodies- they’re looking for better, healthier lives - by watching my life, they believe I have the answers!!”~A.J. Johnson

A.J. Johnson is definitely one of my inspirations to work out!

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