Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thirty's the New Twenty....I'm So Hot Still

Since I blew out the candles on my cake for my 29th birthday in December, I have been planning what I will do this year for my 30th! I have always said that when I turned 30, I would do something big to celebrate.  I have a lot to be thankful for and I refuse to be depressed about hitting the big 3-0.  I am blessed beyond measure, I feel and look good (on most days!) so I intend to age gracefully.

At first I said that I would throw a big party, get dolled up and invite all of my friends and family. But, now I am leaning more towards a tropical getaway of some sort. I will either do a girls' trip or just go with my honey. I think I just want to have some fun and relaxation.

I still am unsure of the exact location though. Here are a few that I have been researching:

  • Costa Rica
  • Puerto Rico
  • Turks and Caicos
  • Vegas (it's too cold here in December so this option is probably out!)

For my soon-to-be 30 or 30+ ladies, how do you/did you bring in your fabulous thirties? I need ideas!


  1. I just celebrated my 29th this month and I too have started the big 30 plans. One thing I'm doing is a "30 before 30" list. It's 30 things I want to do before my birthday. For the entire month of April next year I am having multiple events: a skate party, a spa day with the girls, a big cookout with family and friends and then renting out a section at a club to party all night. To wrap up the celebration my BFF and I are going to Puerto Rico for 4 days and spending it on a beach with fruity drinks and sunshine.

    I think going into 30s has to been memorable but also set the pace for what's to come.

  2. Hey Monique,

    Yes, I have already come up with a list of goals and other things I would like to do this year before December comes. It's been going pretty good! Puerto Rico sounds fun and it is on my list of places to go for my b-day getaway.

  3. Ohhhh---we're both hitting the big 3-0! I can't wait! I love my life even though some think I'm psycho for venting-I thought it was normal! But I would love to go to Puerto Rico-My best friend is puerto rican. Vegas is on the to do list! Again! Hope to hear more about it:) To the BIG 3-0:) Cheers!

  4. I wish I had done something big for my 30th b-day, I didn't even do anything big for my 35th b-day! I will be 36 next Monday, I told myself that I will plan something big for my 40th b-day, I have started thinking about it now and I have a few years to go so it should be HUGE! LOL! Where ever you go Candice enjoy it to the FULLEST!


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