Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mineral Makeup

 It seems as though mineral makeup has taken over since I first start seeing those Bare Minerals makeup commercials about three years ago.  Well-known makeup brands such as MAC and Prescriptives have also produced mineral makeup products to cater to the growing population of women who were raving about mineral makeup.

I have very sensitive and oily skin ( what a combination, huh?) so I am very particular about the types of makeup I use.  I was a huge MAC fan a few years ago, and while I still LOVE their eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes and lips glosses, I discovered Prespcriptives foundation and put away my MAC foundation for good.

For one, I loved that fact that I could get my foundation custom blended at Prescriptives! The foundation matched my skin perfectly and felt pretty light on my skin.  Sadly, Prescriptives is discontinuing their makeup line (I was beyond upset when I found out!) and I am all out of foundation.  Actually I've been out for the past few months and I have just been using my Prescriptives powder when I go out. 

I am in the market for a new foundation but, to be honest I have become accustomed to the light, airy feel I have been getting the past few months from just wearing my Prescripitive powder.  However, I am not blessed with flawless skin and sometimes I want something with a bit more coverage.

So, I am currently trying to research whether or not a mineral foundation would be right for me.  Some of the benefits of mineral makeup I have heard of are:

- it's non-comedogenic (basically it does not contain oils and other substances that could clog your pores)
-feels very light 
-offers full coverage of imperfections without the heavy, "made up" feel
-most mineral makeup contains a natural SPF
-gives you a natural, healthy glow

Sounds pretty good to me but, I still have to figure out which brand to get since there are so many of them out there now.

Have you had any experience with mineral makeup/foundation? Which brand do you recommend?

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  1. I love meow cosmetics, i am yet to try their foundation though


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