Monday, May 10, 2010

In Dire Need of a Pick-Me-Up

So much is going on with me right now and I am feeling so stressed! UGH! I'm started to think that my chronic hives are due to the craziness going on right now. (My previous post about it here.)

Without boring you all with the long story of my life and what is going on right now, I'll just say I need to:

-Buy car
-Find a job
-Find an apartment

I'm so disappointed in  people right now.  It's sad when someone who claims they love you so much will take advantage of your situation and use it against you. 

At this point I have to look out for me....that includes finding a way to de-stress and staying focused on my goals. I think that I may go to the beach since I'm in Florida this week, get a manicure/ pedicure and read some inspirational books. Oh, and I can't forget my yoga!

 I know that I can make it through this but, it feels so scary when there seems to be no solution in sight.

How do you stay calm and in good spirits when everything else around you seems to be in a whirlwind?


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have no job right now,no car and my bills are stacking up, but i try to remain optimistic. I will pray for myself and you girlie :o)


  2. Thanks! I am really trying to stay positive.

  3. Hey Girlie, I'm sorry you're stressed. Try some deep breathing, do you meditate? do yoga? run? box?
    Being active (running, weightlifting) or being very still (meditation/deep breathing) helps me, depending on the level of stress.

    Try to think pink even thru the storm.

    BIG HUGS!!

  4. I'm right there with you sis! The best thing I can do when I'm stressing is to drink as much water as possible, get as much sleep as possible, listen to feel good soothing music, meditate and avoid things/people that cause more stress. You'll get through this rough patch soon enough and you'll be better for it. Be encouraged!


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