Monday, October 22, 2012

The World Natural Hair and Health Show recap

Some of you may remember a few weeks ago when I posted that I would be working for Huetiful again this year at the World Natural Hair and Health Show here in Atlanta.  This is my third year being in attendance and working at this show and I was so glad I was there!  So many different natural hair styles, textures and people in the building! I felt so inspired to try some new styles.

 In my regular day-to-day life, I find myself becoming a little bored with my hair and feeling like I have to 'tame' my hair a little to blend in (especially at work).  But, being at this event was just what I needed to give me a little encouragement and inspiration. 

Here are a few shots I took that day:

The beautiful MsVaughn!

Me....I had to wear my hair straight for the event *sad face*
Karen, founder of Karen's Body Beautiful products

The Huetiful steamer used in the salon

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